Our team

EUROMEDICS Cryo Bank currently covers, through its medical representatives, the entire territory of the country.

With clients and partners

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Our professionals isolate and store stem cells, not whole blood or tissue. The protocols used by Euromedics are the most appropriate to ensure patients a quality graft, accepted by transplant centers worldwide.

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We also have a financial support program in case of autologous transplantation, up to 213,000 Euros. Counseling of parents in such cases is done free of charge by the Scientific Commission.

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At the same time, attentive to the needs of partners in the medical world, we support improvement projects for medical professionals and conclude mutually beneficial partnerships with public and private hospitals.

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We also offer the maximum possible flexibility in meeting the requirements of our partners and clients. Depending on their needs and possibilities, we customize the offers and collaboration conditions, in order to offer unfettered access to the highest quality services with the most competitive prices

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The stable long-term relationship offered to our clients is also guaranteed by our ongoing investments. This is also possible thanks to the more than 10,000 clients, families from Romania, who have chosen to secure the future of their children's health with our help.

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In our new headquarters, modern and equipped according to the highest standards, the laboratory and cryogenic pools of our bank have recently transferred their activity. Also here, in the near future, a research center will be created for these cells that create and save life.

Thank you for your trust!

For any offer request, questions, suggestions, requests for additional information, you can contact one of our representatives.

Our team of medical consultants, assigned to maternity hospitals and hospitals throughout the country, as well as colleagues from the office, are happy to be at your disposal at any time.