About us

We can assure you that our every action is based on strict scientific and technical standards.

At Euromedics Stem Life SA we dedicate ourselves exclusively to the field related to stem cells and support the preservation of this precious biological material.

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Our company has proposed to be with all expectant mothers regardless of their financial possibilities.

In this sense, we have flexibility regarding the method of payment. With us you can secure your child’s future.

Transparency is a constant in our relationship with all clients and medical professionals. We offer everyone a complete and clear perspective of the steps we take in the processing and storage of STEM cells.

Euromedics, the STEM cell bank that brings to its clients and partners the safety and comfort of a long-term stable and reliable relationship, complies with the highest quality standards regarding the processing and storage of blood and umbilical cord tissue.

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In continuous improvement...

The certifications received, ISO and others to which we have already applied – attest to the quality of our services and oblige us to permanent training of the entire team, from the biologists in the laboratory to the medical representatives.

This team, made up of highly qualified personnel with experience in processing and storing STEM cells, has the knowledge and skill necessary in this activity at a high level, uses the latest technology and collaborates with the best researchers and professionals in the field.

Euromedics has its own scientific methods and protocols to process two types of STEM cells:

  • Hematopoietic STEM cells obtained from umbilical cord blood
  • Mesenchymal STEM cells obtained from umbilical cord tissue

“Looking into the customer’s eyes, I can tell him that by choosing us, for the storage of stem cells, he can be sure that the transport, processing and storage are done in the best conditions, 100%. In addition, if he needs them – which we hope will not happen – we will be by his side, to guide him. And with help from doctors, and with financial support. Once you choose us and have the samples stored with us, we continue to consider you our client. Just as we look at our company as a bigger family, we also look at you, the clients, as part of this big family.”