Professional equipment

The Euromedics laboratory, designed by two professors from Harvard University specializing in regenerative medicine, exceeds the level required by legal and quality standards, both nationally and internationally.

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The laboratory is equipped with two ISO-certified sterile rooms, in which biological samples are processed and is equipped with the latest generation equipment, equipment used for automatic counting and analysis of STEM cell viability, ABO/Rh typing, sterility verification and infection detection.

Euromedics uses a very advanced software system to record, store, manage and secure information from the laboratory, in coded electronic format.

Sample handling is done in specially designed spaces, equipped with laminar flow hoods, which guarantee maximum protection against infectious agents.

The counting of the stem cells contained in each sample is done with special equipment:

  • Hematological analyzer
  • Flow cytometry

The microbiological verification of the samples is carried out through blood cultures in the BactALERT automatic system.

The freezing of STEM cells is done with the ICE CUBE gradual freezing apparatus from SY-LAB.

The samples are stored in storage and cryogenic tanks based on nitrogen vapors. The temperature in the storage tanks, the ambient temperature, the pressure and the humidity are monitored automatically, and the information can be accessed online at any time. The security and surveillance system is composed of video cameras and fire, flood and oxygen or gas detection sensors.


All electrical and electronic equipment is supported by generators and high-power backup batteries, which ensure the continuous and uninterrupted operation of all activities within the STEM cell bank.


The storage is carried out at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius, in nitrogen vapor, for a period of at least 20 years.