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Celulele STEM

Find out about what it means, the types and the benefits!

Euromedics Cryo/Bank

Find out what it means, the types and the benefits! Find out our package offers and flexible payment options!

Why Euromedics Cryo/Bank?

Our own storage facility and laboratory in Romania, so we are closer to our customers.
Flexibility in choosing payment methods and services.

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We guarantee a high viability rate of cells stored in 8 different sample compartments.

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We offer you the maximum possible flexibility in personalized offers according to your needs and possibilities.

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We comply with the highest quality standards regarding the transportation, processing and storage of blood and umbilical cord tissue.

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The team made up of qualified personnel with experience in processing and storing stem cells offers free consultation, before and after signing the contract.

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The company has a financial support program in case of autologous transplantation, up to 213,000 Euros. Counseling of parents in such cases is done free of charge by the Scientific Commission.

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The processing of the sample within a maximum of 48 hours from birth takes place in the Own Laboratory, which was designed by 2 professors from Harvard.

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We can assure you that our every action is based on strict scientific and technical standards.

At Euromedics Stem Life SA, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to the field related to stem cells and support the preservation of this precious biological material.

Our company has proposed to be with all expectant mothers regardless of their financial possibilities.

In this sense, we have flexibility regarding the method of payment. With us you can secure your child’s future.

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What are STEM cells?

Find out what STEM cells mean, the types and benefits of stem cells!

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